Review: Saucer – Stephen Coonts

I once thought that if a book was published then it had to be good. Stephen Coonts proves this theory wrong. Saucer is about a young man, Rip, who discovers a UFO that has been buried in rock since before civilization began. Throw in the Lybian Army and a rich Australian entrepreneur, each wanting the aircraft for themselves and you actually have a solid idea.

I think Coonts falls short with his predictable story line and lack of character development. Rip and Charley are paper-thin with no real depth of character. One line in particular makes me remember this book for all the wrong reasons: “it’s your dime, mate” – random Australian on the phone. Dime. This particular American term is never uttered in Australia by an Australian.

This book is terrible but I’m giving this one star for Coonts detailed descriptions to do with any and all things flying. I think I read on the inside cover that Coonts himself was in the airforce? That knowledge is demonstrated in Saucer and it is the only time where I really felt Coonts was comfortable with the narrative.

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