Review: Last Argument of Kings – Joe Abercrombie

I only finished this book a couple of weeks ago after a 1-2 year hiatus (I was in no hurry to finish the trilogy after reading book 2). In a nutshell I would say that Last Argument of Kings is on par with Before they are Hanged. Thinking back I can’t help but think that nothing much happened in the third book. A major battle went on forever but I guess at least there was a decent resolution to all the characters.

I was really pleased to see Logen Ninefingers show off more of the Jekyl and Hyde character that was missed in book 2. He will go down as one of my favourite characters. Also for some reason the loathsome Glokta became someone I was rooting for in the end (maybe I’m warped or maybe his storyline was simply the most interesting).

I have heard some say the ending is quite a letdown but I don’t think so. It is fitting in the world that Abercrombie has created and in my opinion he does a neat job at wrapping up everyone’s story.

I have seen The First Law trilogy climb into the ranks as one of the top fantasy series in the world. In my opinion its justified. So why the three stars for book 2 and 3 you might ask? Purely because Abercrombie set a high bar in the first book and books 2 and 3 didnt live up to the standard. The Blade Itself is clearly the best of the three.

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